Monday, 16 March 2015

Turn Only One Corner

Not to put too fine an edge upon it but some not inconsiderable time has now passed since I last scripted on these blog pages.

Whilst I have no wish to bore you with personal health details that brought this gap into play I will just say that I have narrowly missed the grim reaper not once but twice, bearing in mind that I am now well into my 70’s this to some extent is to be expected.

However, one way or another I have now been teaching people how to earn real money for half a century. Most particularly as a result of all this time I can tell you without reservation that so very few actually want to earn truly big money. By far the most who have encountered over these many years simply want to earn no more than a good living. This I long since came to realise is because most, in fact well over 90% of people see themselves as “average”, yet to be such when age catches up with you is to be nowhere in comparison to where you could be by simply being smarter than the so called self-assessed “average”. Still let’s say that “average” is all you want to be which is fine, because if your ambitions are so low then you are far easier to teach or please, what’s more as indeed with so very much more the loss of what could have been will also be yours of your own choosing as “time” passes.

On release to coincide with this blog is my final e-book “Turn Only One Corner” which owing to personal circumstances has been over two years in the writing and production. It’s many pages giving the most comprehensive insight into not only my lifestyle resulting from the business opportunities I created, but the clearest path possible to all and any who themselves would seek self betterment or true personal wealth a step at a time with a minimum of effort, commitment, or indeed most of all a minimum of expense.

I do fully realise (and incidentally so should you) that today the general public is lazier than they have ever been in the entire of past history. This fact in itself produces more of what we more motivated individuals call “punters” for anyone self-employed or those offering a service of any kind. This for those not inflicted with the negativity so very common placed today who would seek personal wealth not only through effort but more importantly by first thinking smarter then the whole world can truly become your oyster as never before.

Take a little time to consider that our universities turn out their students to face their working life from day one with huge debts, weigh this against my thousands of past students who having taken my full course have no debts, plus can start earning virtually from day one. Add to this owning to the fact I have been doing this for a full half century, I have already created more wealthy people than any other individual personally known to me. Not only that it is entirely possible now that my philosophy is fully digitally recorded due to this computer age, I will continue to do so when my “time” on this planet is completely exhausted.

Sure there are those who say money is not everything, but take note, you will not hear this said by those who have it… For those who have read and worked with my publications further having allowed their letters to be published on the testimonial pages of this site many heart felt thanks, not only from myself but also on behalf of the numerous others who have joined your happy ranks as a result of your constant unsolicited recommendations.


As of the date of this blog, services offered by Knoll House Interforum will start to become somewhat restructured. Live audience 8 hour seminars will be suspended, quite simply due to age I can no longer perform these to the high standards of previous years. All variations of personal bookings with me will not be as frequent owing to taking more time for myself with my three sons who now also travel all over the world, many times taking their old Dad with them for holiday breaks. The youngest of which, Richard, with so many degrees and accomplishments in the world of computer technology now lives in Australia, whilst my oldest son Ray now rides Jumbo Jets as some use buses to go to work daily, literally trading all over the world.

For those and those who are indeed many who follow my website pages yet do not get involved, then I can only say that this is your unseen loss, this bringing me in mind of the almost endless, both men and women I come into contact with on almost a daily basis of similar age to myself now who are filled with remorse and regrets that their “time” has passed them by leaving little or nothing to show for it. There are of course self-termed “average” who regretfully have always expressed themselves to be so, this as a result of a lack of the correct education that would have changed their “time” to be spent for their own self-betterment so very easily. This will always be the case, indeed it always has been. There is little I can do about it. Only each and every individual (such as yourself) can come to realise life is what you make it and that specialised knowledge creates specialised individuals as to whether or not you want to become such is for the most part simply dreamt by the majority only to be acted upon by the “few”.

Remarkably even the “few” have a tendency to do their own thing without the specialist backup an advanced life plan can give to them, all too often they come to a time in life when they realise they could have done or achieved so much more if they had taken the time to gain the correct specialist knowledge or assistance far sooner in life. This of course now brings us to you the reader at this point – where do you see yourself on this scale, put this another way – where do you stand. Once again the choice is entirely yours; you can go forwards, backwards or stay where you are. Most will encourage you to stay put or even to go backwards this when seen fully or truly is for their comfort not yours, it is this aspect of others or more importantly the correct awareness of it that is covered fully in my e-book “Don’t Do It!”, details of this as with all other of my publications can be found in my product pages of this site without commitment or cost. Should it be that you sincerely want to shake off the title of “average”, then I can only recommend to you in the strongest terms possible the reading and full study available in this exceptional e-book title immediately. The chances of you rejecting “average” without the benefit of it’s contents are slim to none.


To repeat what I have said in the opening words of this blog, it has been far too long since I updated this section of my site possibly posing the question on how long will it be before I do so next. This I am unable to answer, quite frankly as I write this one, it is exactly two years ago almost to the day that if my eldest son had not taken command of the emergency services as he did I simply would not have survived at that time, plus since then there has been a second incident happily not quite as serious when he once again came to my aid doing similar.

The comparison here is that we all of us come to times in our lives that calls for a full rethinking of our circumstances. Unfortunately many times these are forced upon up by none of our own doing, an example relevant here would be the present day self-employed, many of whom only turned to this method of working owing to the recession forcing them to do so, they now number in the many thousands all across the country. Sadly here still the majority still view themselves as “average” yet membership of this site together with its promotions could be the most valuable of assets available to them. Far fewer of todays self-employed are people who turned spare time or hobbies into a paying second income, although in many cases they could do so if their motivation included personal goals or achievements that modern sloth would seem to restrict. Once again this is a topic fully covered throughout my many e-books and sound and vision recordings. Yet the fact remains to turn a hobby into a full time proposition represents the most effective way to combine your strongest interests with your main line of income, not only does this formula feature throughout my personal story from day one should you ever take the time to research histories of countless other self-made individuals of both sexes you will readily find their many stories of personal achievement are extremely similar if not identical in their basic theories or structure. This to me at the very least can only be seen as sound or proven logic to my propositions presented through the entire pages of Knoll House Interforum.

To conclude this blog together with the lessons in life available to you upon this Internet site, I can only recommend to you in the strongest terms possible my final e-book “Turn Only One Corner”. As to whether or not you avail yourself of it whilst it is listed as a free download is little to me, as they say I have got mine (when it comes to wealth) to get yours could not be easier whilst the free offer remains in effect. You may also realise after reading this then come to the conclusion and rightly so that individual classes with me personally are going to become less available as time goes on from this point. It could also be well worth mentioning that you yourself are not getting any younger, which leaves the question are you getting any richer, if not, then why not. It is after all up to you – do you want to turn the corner or not.

It is of course an old adage that you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear – or similarly those busy going nowhere. Question here can only be; how do you see yourself – now – or more importantly in “time” to come.

To conclude I will leave you with the thought “life is what you make it” it has been so up to now for you the reader and will continue to be so, we both know that guides can be applied in any direction required, to do so is simply called “education”, this produces above average people who earn above average incomes who have above average lifestyles, they simply except above average as a much easier way of life.

This Becomes The Norm

Be lucky – or alternately make your own luck with my help.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

RT Television

In recent weeks whilst the analogue TV signal was discontinued and people had to retune their digiboxes, the RT tv station has appeared. Located on Freeview channel 85 and broadcasting 24/7.

Many of it's programmes give particular focus upon the credit crisis with far more depth than any other English speaking channel. This is also true of its news programmes, all of which are clear and concise in the English language.

In particular I would draw your attention to the programmes "Spotlight" and the "Kiesser Report", both of which interview some extremely interesting guests who speak with conviction.

This broadcaster offers many other services including introduction sites and I do feel that we, the members of Knoll House Interforum should look in on them from time to time and wish the organisers well.

If your digital changeover has not yet taken place look to find this excellent service at

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Think Hard On This

Just suppose that you could go somewhere to knock upon the door of opportunity - that's right, you yourself, no one else.

This being solely down to you - if you knew for a fact you could go yourself and knock on a door guaranteed to be that of opportunity - how far would you go to do it.

The question is the same for you as it is for anyone else - just how far would you go - many would not even go as far as the house next door - some may if pushed go to the next street.

But you - how far would you go - lets say if you could increase your present income by half again - how far would you go to do that.

What then if you could double your present income - would you go further to do this. How much would it take to make you go 'all the way'.

Suppose I could show you a way to at least make a start from where you are now. Sat at your computer, using only your fingers to look at your options. Right now you could show your initial interest by simply asking more.


Do you live in exactly the house you really want, or drive the car you admire the most.

Or simply what in your life would change if your income matched your needs.

Perhaps you have no needs - so then what is it you're waiting for. Remember time is not on your side.

Not too long from the date of this blog will see the first introduction of our monster e-book "DON'T DO IT" where we examine the negativity of the many to see the hold it puts upon the few who could walk on gold once they can see the way to do so.

The price, or as we could say the cost of this Knoll House Interforum publication will be as never made available to any item ever before it, being free to those of a positive mental attitude but charged at £250 to those of a negative nature.

How shall we do this, watch our products page for further details coming soon!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ongoing Thanks

I do well realise that I don't spend enough time 'blogging', not only does my son Steve, our webmaster, tell me this regularly but also many of the forum members, especially the ones I meet face to face. My excuse of course is that I am writing so many e-books and what I term "papers" that I don't dedicate myself more to talking with you in this fashion.

I must however thank so many of you for the kind reception for our latest mammoth production "Goals", in a comment received recently one of our members termed it to be the first genuine work of a personal motivation case study with student participation forming a clear end result as would a degree course.

I shall wherever possible undertake a little more of this blogging, but towards that end I would ask for your assistance. To do this you simply need only reply to this post with your suggested title and I will write a brief resume upon it to extend the thoughts that once clearly understood purveys human motivation.

My time also at present is devoted to yet another special 'paper', this will be entitled 'Don't do it' and will be the first ever study of its kind to look at the subject of personal achievement from the opposite side to enable us to see what the common man would appear to some degree to be unable to understand.

There's nothing difficult about earning money when you know how - let me prove it to you.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


and you? what are you king of?


This evergreen title “Born Free” must now have come to represent two of the most popular words when placed together that the world as ever known.

Instantly bring so much more to mind than it first did for the film of this title in the 1960’s. Not simply the lioness, of the story, Elsa, who it was that was born free. The words also became the song to represent the career of one of the most popular velvet voiced of all British singers in the world of light entertainment, Mr Matt Monro.

Columbia Pictures released the motion picture of this title in 1966 the story of Joy and George Adamson who raised the female lion cub they named Elsa; as a result of the movie together with the lioness herself they gained world fame. So incidentally did the actors who took their parts in the film. Together with James Barry, who wrote the music, which added more never to be forgotten work to his repertoire with this everlasting song. In short the whole production was a success story for all involved, including the lioness.

What then you may ask has any of this got to do with you, or your success story, and quite rightly so.

Well, try to follow this; you were born free weren’t you. You chose your own name your religion and learnt all the arts and skills you admired. Everybody assisted you in every way possible to do this, so that you could become that which you wanted to be, right?

NO? Are you sure you were born free, few actually are, however the trick, if I may call it that comes when you do at least know that you want to be free – that you want to be your own person. Tragically most people only want to be something they call average, which is a form of club for nobodies where little happens, the really worse affected members of these kind of people term this condition as normal, worse still they make it their goal in life.

See my acclaimed eBook – “Goals

You however, without the wake up call, will not get the freedom the lioness got until you are finally boxed (coffin) and as all others, who never did get the call, or ignored it and became totally forgotten. This as incredible as it may seem is the highest aspirations of the many as shown by daytime television adverts, which specialise in wills and funeral arrangements.

For those more ambitious among you who may wish to start again, as it were, to be “Born Free” What then would you be looking for this time, or how can I be of assistance to you as my skills are very limited.

I only teach people how to be rich and successful, nothing more. Based on the fact I have already done so myself. Having actually a far longer period of time to my credit doing so than that of the film, on which this writing is based.

That’s right I have nothing whatever to do with wild life, motion pictures or singing artists, my only claim to any kind of fame is the simple magic, that has made me wealthy and now could do the same for you, some have referred to this as the Midas touch. Others just say it as it is… the secret of human motivation.

I quite simply teach good people how to earn a lot of money, or at least as much money as they see to be a ‘lot’ it does vary somewhat by each individuals needs. The figures involved each being set by the student of my system for themselves. How can I do this all of you should now ask, as this really is the most important question of all, providing you can ask it.

Few who have learnt this, to earn money in real terms are prepared to show others how to do something similar. Even worse still, is that most that could learn the techniques involved are too frightened to do so. Many actually having the fears that leaving the shield behind of hiding away with the people referred to as average, where nothing much happens either way.

This the study of human motivation is an extremely rare subject, although the universities are crammed with students, few want any more than to learn how to make a living and many have the wonderful goal of becoming average. As to whether or not these people feel they have been “Born Free” or not you will have to ask them, for I would doubt it. For these are Gods chosen people, referred to in the Bible no less as the sheep who follow the code laid down for them by whom, they do not know but they have to do this, its all part of becoming average.

For those reading this prepared to extend the pattern of thoughts towards being born again to some extent, “Born to be Free” then do something about it and…

Tuesday, 7 December 2010




How are you going to prove to me or anybody else for that matter that you believe in you. If indeed you have to make an effort to do just that, then your confidence may be missing in the first place.

So many times people work on others to better them when so very often the fault lies within themselves. Far worse is that so many who are in control many times cannot do the work they oversee, but yet others then have to believe in them, is this starting to sound silly, like today’s banking perhaps, and the shouting and hurrahing in the house of commons.

Confidence we are told is failing, but just a minute is not that another word for believe. Do yourself a big favour and do it soon. Start to observe others, those you know and those you don’t, look for the level or confidence or belief in themselves they display, some would say they exude. Without exception the amount of success in their lives is in direct proportion with the subject of this paper.

Each individual, including you believes in whatever they do, or in many cases think they do, in other words they actually believe in so very much, they have in fact been manipulated by others to think or then believe there are more pawns on the chessboard than any other piece and they are expendable.

Try to imagine a child at around seven years of age being stranded on a desert island. In all probability this child would survive by first eating berries and learning to move on from there. Come back to see this child in its late teens or early twenties, it will also have found something to worship, a strange tree or rock formation, a symbol that represents a greater power. Mankind by its own fallibility requires more than himself to believe in, but this is proportionate, as such can be assessed. List your beliefs, one to ten, or twenty if you like. How many of these did you choose, how many where chosen for you.

Success in any one person requires belief by that person in that person as the prime function and will be in measurable proportion to those people’s results. This can in fact be seen throughout all of history. Work on this single aspect in yourself and the starting point for all future strength of caricature is assured to the degree of effort applied.

As with anything else you can learn the mere basics or you can take a more advanced course, the problem with more knowledge is that it almost invariably brings more success. Many of course are unable to cope with this self belief and will therefore spend their whole lives living in the shadows of those who do. This is often called an employer – employee relationship.

For those who could with only a small amount of the correct assistance, have the strength, the power, of their own convictions, visit our site, leave the others to continue with their life long hesitations.


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Word

“What words do you live by”


We all have standards, the best of us or the worst of us, the remarkable thing is we as human beings can change, alter or rearrange our standards, should we ever see fit, or indeed be motivated to do so. Mankind can live on, under or above our planet, by first the thinking it has taken, then by choice (motivation) doing something to making it happen, no other species as even come close to this.

Words, the transfer of thought, from one to another, I have heard it said are what men live by, which as some truth providing you know what as been said. In the scheme of things this is only a very small planet with lots of people and indeed many different languages. Yet thought is where all begins, for every single person in the whole world.

There is so many who waist their time on the words of trivia, worse they are apparently stone deaf to the words which could change their world, into what ever they can think about that they would see or welcome as better, by each ones individuals standards.

Someone I knew well had a personal collection of forty thousand books in his quite large house, which was actually collapsing from the weight of them (how many words could that have been in total?) He had read them all, several many times. All were non fiction reference books. In short he was the most educated man I ever knew, yet he never had any money, nor did he know how to really earn any. He had educated himself away from the kind of common sense that once learnt, feeds and keeps a person to the standard they desire, including income. This man really did live by words; they simply were not the words by which to improve his life style, but were those words merely to constantly extend his huge book collection.

He did however prove one thing most conclusively that being what a person sets their mind to, what they think about, and then you can achieve. Although he himself lived his long and full life in relative poverty to enable him to form his vast library collection, on his demise his siblings sold the whole lot (the house as well) to presumably live happily ever after.


What then are the words you will live by, or have you not given much thought to such yet. The real question is are you ever going to, or is your aim in this life to simply get through it to the next life with as little fuss as possible, at least mummy loves you.

See My eBook - “The Second Life

As you stumble through this life and hopefully the next, consider that the one single group of words found in all religions, in all languages on Earth have in common are quite simply… that you will become that which you think about… look around you and see, all have or are doing exactly that, few know it. Yet these words are written in every tongue in every scripture and should be the most well known ‘words’ in the whole world!

Just suppose for one small moment there was magic and you could indeed have the classic three wishes, then what would they be. Which or even what words are you going to employ to state those famous wishes, clearly and precisely. If you were to try yourself now to do this simple exercise, it could bring you closer to reality than many will ever come, no matter how many lives they may have.


Many times I have walked into a full class room and asked all the people seated there “who here considers themselves to be an average person” Only to watch virtually every hand in the room go up; when I ask them the same question again at the end of my talk no hands do, and all I did whilst I was in that room was to speak words. The right words for those who seek personal wealth.

Your words now, what would they be… if you could ask any one you like from the entire of history one simple sentence, what would that be, who would you address it too and why. Make a note of this thought, think about it expand upon it in your mind until you can write a paper on it. Do this and you may just walk down a different path in life to the rest who merely want only a “job” and an “average” life style.

Bring your paper and your questions to me, if the subject written upon it requires guidance towards putting you in possession of the knowledge of how to earn more money, by a considerable margin than you do at present. I have done exactly this for very many before you, see a few of their comments on their successes, written by each to me personally, over the thirty years I have done this incredible system of specialised tuition for the creation of personal wealth.

Click on the Testimonials Page of this unique web site

where you will find the “WORD” you are looking for